Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warsaw Ghetto visit

This morning we went to the Warsaw Ghetto. In the picture below we are
in the courtyard of a prewar Jewish apartment complex. These were and
still are in much need of repair. We got a real taste of prewar life
in Warsaw.

This afternoon we visited Treblinka and what an experience it was. On
our way we saw horses and pastures, wetlands and storks, log cabins
and pine forests. The forest is such a peaceful pristine place and yet
such atrocities took place there. 800.000 to 1.1million Jews were
killed there. We saw the labor camp, the mass grave site (of the
forced labor prisoners who were shot, appr. 10.000 to 20.000 of them).
We finished our visit at the Memorial of the extermination camp, not
before we had met, quite serendipitously, the child of a concentration
camp survivor who was retracing his roots and had brought his young
daughter with him.

The day was complete when we connected with Dr Haynes who arrived
today. As I write this, we are all scattered in groups eating on
various parts of the Old Town.

Tomorrow we leave for Auschwitz.

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