Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Berlin!

On a sunny morning at 7:15am sharp, our VIP bus is taking our
travelers to the airport. The morning air is crisp ans sunshiny,
making it more difficult to leave...

Berlin on Friday

We started our morning visits at the memorial sitefor the Jewish women
who held a protest in 1943 to obtain the release of their husbands.
They succeeded... A rare success in the history of the German
resistance. The day has been cold and blustery, but fortunately no
rain. Our tour guide took us to other Jewish sites: the New Synagogue,
the Jewish cemetery, the Grunewald train station, and finally the
House of the Wannseekonferenz which sealed the fate of the Jews in
January 1942.

This afternoon everyone scattered for one last free visit of the town,
then in a few fours we have our farewell dinner.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday in Berlin

Another good day in Berlin although I did not have a chance to take
pictures. First, the Reichstag building; then the Wall Gallery in East
Berlin; then the Brandenburg Gate; then lunch at Checkpoint Charlie, a
favorite of Donauer kebab afficionados (a Turkish barbecue sandwich).
In the afternoon I ran around trying to find a place to exchange
money, so I and a few students missed part of the visit to the
Topography of Terror Museum. I missed it altogether. That's part of my
responsibilities as group leader.

Advice to the wise: do NOT take Travellers' Cheques; US$; or a credit
card. The most convenient and economical money instrument in Europe is
the DEBIT card (fewer charges on ATM and purchase transactions).

We ended the day with a tour of the Museum of the German Resistance
and so had a really full day of learning about the political
conditions in Nazi Germany.

Tonight everybody is scattered around for dinner. I believe that the
Rhodes travellers' are biking in the Tiergarten, singing "I'm biking
in the rain..." I honestly do not know where they find the strength...

I promise pics tomorrow. The weather will be like today: grey blustery
with rain sprinklings.

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I see you but you don't see us! Teeheehee!

As Mr. Dr. Carls and I were walking back to the bus on the Bruhl
terrace by the waterfront we spotted some of our travelers down by the

Wednesday in Dresden

Sunny day again. After climbing the Sudeten Mountains we reive in
Dresden for a short visit, here at the beautiful royal Baroque garden
and orangerie. Leisurely lunch, and then...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday May 28 and Tuesday May 29

Two more full days in Prague. This picture was taken yesterday morning
on Charles bridge. I think that it will remain as one of the
highlights of our trip. I certainly will frame the picture and keep it
on my desk.

In short: yesterday morning, visit of Prague's old town. Yesterday
afternoon visit of Terezin. This morning, visit of the Jewish quarter.
This afternoon, free time. I keep in touch with our travelers through
SMS. Technology rules!

The weather is beautiful in the mornings. In the afternoons, the rain
is playing hide and go seek with short drizzles, then the sun comes
out again.

Tomorrow we shall read Horsy Bienek's description of the bombing of
Dresden. I'll try to take a few more pics.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goodbye Krakow! Day 8

This picture was shot at the edge of the marketsquare in Kazimierz,
the old Jewish quarter of Krakow. Today was clothes shoes and crafts
day. They were not selling food or flowers. We saw quite a lot of the
Jewish quarter but to our disappointment were not given admission to
the Remuh Synagogue and adjacent cemetery. We visited Schindler's
factory and museum and the camp of Plaszow. Just as we are leaving for
Prague, rain fell -- a brief shower. We will be in Prague later tonight.