Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday in Berlin

Another good day in Berlin although I did not have a chance to take
pictures. First, the Reichstag building; then the Wall Gallery in East
Berlin; then the Brandenburg Gate; then lunch at Checkpoint Charlie, a
favorite of Donauer kebab afficionados (a Turkish barbecue sandwich).
In the afternoon I ran around trying to find a place to exchange
money, so I and a few students missed part of the visit to the
Topography of Terror Museum. I missed it altogether. That's part of my
responsibilities as group leader.

Advice to the wise: do NOT take Travellers' Cheques; US$; or a credit
card. The most convenient and economical money instrument in Europe is
the DEBIT card (fewer charges on ATM and purchase transactions).

We ended the day with a tour of the Museum of the German Resistance
and so had a really full day of learning about the political
conditions in Nazi Germany.

Tonight everybody is scattered around for dinner. I believe that the
Rhodes travellers' are biking in the Tiergarten, singing "I'm biking
in the rain..." I honestly do not know where they find the strength...

I promise pics tomorrow. The weather will be like today: grey blustery
with rain sprinklings.

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  1. I went to Berlin years ago with my husband. (He took a group of college kids there to take classes.) We stayed in a small town but went to Berlin over a weekend. We were at the Brandenburg Gate and one kid realized that he had lost his passport. Not sure what ended up happening to him!