Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday May 24

We started the day at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. I caught Dr. Haynes
resting in the garden before we boarded our bus. We have a wonderful
bus driver, his name is Czeslaw. He drove us to the town of
Czestochowa -- I want y'all to try to pronounce these Polish names! --
We saw the Black Madonna, an icon painted in the Balkans in the 14th
century and brought to Poland. She is credited with countless miracles
including saving Poland in it's troubled times. That was a very
interesting visit. We had not planned it since I was unaware that we
would be traveling that way. That was very kind of our driver to stop.
Then we arrived safely in Oswiecim at the Center for Dialogue and
Prayer where we had a wonderful dinner all together. Our travelers
have taken a liking to Polish soups. Then it was off to bed.

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