Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

While we are two-thirds of the way from Prague to Krakow, I can update
this blog. Technology is so amazing! It is raining but mild.

Yesterday morning we traveled to Flossenbuerg concentration camp,
Germany's fourth largest. The picture is of our party (those I could
catch). They are standing on the platform above the "valley of death"
where executions took place and bodies were cremated. In the
background is the chapel of peace, the first Holocaust memorial in
Germany, built in 1946. To its left, nestled in the trees, is the
Jewish memorial built in 1996.

After our visit, and after a flat tire (a new experience for all of
us!) we visited Horovice's Church of the Czech Brethern which used to
be a synagogue before the Holocaust, and also it's cemetery -- I will
add a group picture in a minute. It is raining fully now; the other
Dr. Carls is chomping on Czech sour gummy worms (globalization never
ceases to amaze me!)

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