Monday, May 26, 2008

We are having a great time.

After Prague which was breathtaking but totally pirated by tourists, the city of Crocow, desgnated one of UNESCO's World Sites in 1978, was a breath of fresh air. Everyone is doing great, haveing a good time, even the weather is cooperating. Our guide today through the Jewish Quarter and Ghetto was very good. The Royal Castle was our next stop, and the medieval museum of the Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University, Europe's second oldest. We are eating Italian food in Cracow: the best food in town, not surprisingly since Poland has a long-standing connection with Italian culture. Tomorrow is the visit to Auschwitz, our day will be very different, but full of meaningful experiences as well. I have got to go, Zach is about to show us a video called "Dancing with Tora" about which he will tell you more later. We are congregating in the lobby of the hotel. The weather has been fabulous and it is a joy to share students' experiences.

PS We would write more often but the internet connections in Europe are difficult -- this is definitely a learning experience for me. Next time, i won't leave home without my laptop.

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